Future of College Football

Everyone says the future of college football is 2 mega conferences. Here's what that might look like with a exciting promotion and relegation based system:

BIG 1 $120
SEC1 $120

University of Michigan University of Alabama
The Ohio State University University of Oklahoma
Pennsylvania State University University of Texas at Austin
University of Notre Dame University of Georgia
Clemson University
Louisiana State University
Florida State University University of Tennessee
University of Southern California University of Florida
University of Oregon
Texas A&M University
University of Washington Auburn University

BIG 2 $90
SEC 2 $90

Michigan State University University of Arkansas
University of Nebraska–Lincoln Oklahoma State University
University of Miami
Kansas State University
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Brigham Young University
University of Wisconsin–Madison University of Utah
University of California, Los Angeles Texas Christian University
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University University of South Carolina
University of Iowa
University of Mississippi
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Texas Tech University

BIG 3 $65
SEC 3 $65

Rutgers University–New Brunswick University of Arizona
Indiana University Bloomington Arizona State University
North Carolina State University University of Colorado, Boulder
Purdue University
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville University of Missouri
University of Pittsburgh Mississippi State University
University of Virginia
West Virginia University
University of Maryland, College Park Baylor University
University of Illinois Urbana–Champaign Iowa State University

BIG 4 $40
SEC 4 $40

Wake Forest University Vanderbilt University
Stanford University
University of Central Florida
University of California, Berkeley University of Houston
Northwestern University University of Connecticut
Duke University
University of Cincinnati
Boston College
San Diego State
Syracuse University
University of Kansas
Georgia Institute of Technology Washington State University
Southern Methodist University Oregon State University


- 9 teams in each division

- Teams play 8 divisional games, 3 games against teams in the same division of the opposite conference, and 1 group of 5 game.

- Top 2 teams in divisions 2-4 play a neutral site divisional championship game to see who gets promoted, bottom 2 teams in divisions 1-3 play a home site elimination game to see who gets relegated (road team is last place position team). Promotion and relegation positions based on record against teams in same division within conference with tie breakers being head to head match-up followed by point differential.

- TV payouts per division are 120 Million, 90 Million, 65 Million, and 40 Million

- Top 4 teams from each Division 1 make the playoffs, with top 2 getting byes to second round In January, while the others play the first round during conference championship week. Top 2 teams from Division 2 make playoff first round. 12 teams total make playoffs.The game between the top 2 teams in each Division 2 serves as both a promotion championship game AND the first round game of the playoffs.

- Teams play an FCS opponent in a spring game exhibition.