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Game Day Beer Picks: Syracuse vs Purdue

Look who’s back

European Wind Music Festival Photo by Sebastian Willnow/picture alliance via Getty Images

When Steve put up the bat beer signal for me to lend a hand on this week’s beer piece, I was happy to oblige. I spent last year’s Syracuse Orange vs. Purdue Boilermakers game stress-drinking with my buddy who’s a Boilermaker, so of course, everyone should be ready for something similar this time around.

So if you’re looking for drink options from Syracuse, near West Lafayette or points beyond, this is your list of recommendations for the weekend.

(pace yourselves, since this is a primetime game!)

Purdue area beer pick: 3 Floyds Gumballhead

If you’re looking for something hyper-local, People’s Brewing is in Lafayette, Ind. and has plenty of excellent options across the spectrum of styles. But speaking to something I’ve actually had – and you could potentially procure as well – I’d go with a 3 Floyds pick instead. Gumballhead is a delicious pale wheat ale that goes down easy and has a delicious citrus finish. And since evening football games are marathons, not sprints, light and bright beer is where you want to look.

Syracuse area beer pick: Buried Acorn Wholphin Loves Narluga

If you want to express solidarity for both a Syracuse local business and our soon-to-be whale overlords, this hazy IPA is your go-to. Dry-hopped, and Mosaic and Chinook-forward, this juicy option is a fruity and delicious selection that is sure to pair well with whatever your gametime menu may be. If you’re anti-haze or just want something a bit lighter, give their American Pale Ale a shot.

Random beer of the week: Arizona Wilderness Refuge IPA

“Why isn’t this an L.A. beer?” Well, drink Highland Park if you’re ever out this way. But, I’m actually going to be in the Phoenix area this weekend for the Giants vs. Cardinals game, so I’m instead nodding to Arizona Wilderness and their flagship IPA, Refuge. It’s a favorite of mine when I’m in the state next door, as a pleasant and citrus-forward brew. Hopefully I’ll be able to snag a couple pours while watching the Syracuse game in Glendale on Saturday night.


Certainly you have your own beer selections planned out already, so what are you drinking this weekend?