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TNIAAM Reacts: Syracuse Orange fans aren’t daring to dream

Negative nellies noted

Rutgers v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Earlier this week we asked Syracuse Orange fans a series of questions and the results aren’t quite what we expected.

Maybe some of you waited until the ACC Pre-Season team was released to answer, but you felt that that the Orange wouldn’t have another player join Oronde Gadsden II on that list.

It was a close vote when we asked you which unit gave you the most confidence as camp begins. Returning a veteran quarterback in Shrader and Gadsden probably tilts the odds to that group.

We know that those of you not in the Syracuse area or near an ACC school were excluded on this one, but it’s interesting to see that of those who did respond most would fall into occasional attendees.

This is where we have the biggest beef though. Can’t we just try a bit of irrational optimism? It’s a couple days into August and we can’t #DaretoDream.......what would Coach Mac (either one) say?