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TNIAAM Productions presents: Operation Charlotte: Conference Kerfuffle

It’s like Collision Event: CFB Edition

NCAA FOOTBALL: SEP 09 Louisville at Syracuse Photo by Jerome Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans knew that the ACC Conference was moving from Greensboro to Charlotte, but did you know who was given the job of coordinating the logistics?

Well that task when to the ACC Mascots and TNIAAM has been given behind the scenes access to document the transition as it unfolds. When we last left off, it seemed like the Magnificent 7 put their faith in the wrong people. Let’s see what happens next

Inside the new ACC offices in Charlotte, Deputy Commissioner Brad Hostetter stands in front of the conference mascots.

“Sorry but Commissioner Phillips isn’t able to attend today’s meeting. He’s asked me to call you together to address this whole conference realignment kerfuffle.”

“Kerfuffle. Otto thinks that’s funny. Kerfuffle. Kerrr....Fuffle.”

“Like I was saying, the Commissioner is attending to some other matters and I’m here to oversee this meeting”

“I see plausible deniability followed Phillips from Northwestern.”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 26 Pitt at Miami Photo by Doug Murray/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Cavalier and the Deacon turn in disgust.

“...we are also missing Seminole, due to a meeting with the SEC...”

“We thought Miami was the only school meeting with the SEC....or is that just your boosters?”

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Virginia Tech vs Clemson Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

“Funny Tiger. Real funny coming from you bouncing back and forth from the Big Ten and SEC”

“Pish-posh Sebastian. We abide by the Golden Rule- thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s conference. Look it up. Dabo 3:16”

“Pish-posh kerfuffle”

“Can we just get to the agenda? We all know Colorado left the PAC so we’re here to discuss any objections to possible additions to our conference”

“Are we kicking Florida State out?”

“No Hokie”

“We aren’t inviting those UCawn jerks are we?

“No Eagle....and I think it’s pronounced U-Conn”

“Con as in convict..... as in Miami’s sugar daddy”

“You’re not even a full member of this league you stinkin’ leprechaun. Why are you even here?”

NCAA Basketball: Canisius at Miami-Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Hostetter turns to the Wufs and mutters “I see why Phillips didn’t want to deal with this group”

He stands up and clicks the remote in his hand

“First up...Arizona State

Blue Devil hits the table. “No other Devils allowed...would they be willing to change their mascot to Coyotes?”

“University of California?”

The mascots just look and shrug


Cavalier raises their hand “That’s a no for me. Those uniforms and that basketball court.....whatever happened to tradition and being happy with boring uniforms”

Oregon State?”

“Otto likes Beavers. Kerfuffle in Corvallis would be great rivalry game”

Several of the mascots see John Swofford walk by and get up to start chasing him.

“Stanford? Washington State? Utah? Tulane? Memphis? Temple?”

Hostetter sits down and looks at Otto. The Orange mascot walks over does their Hall-of-Fame spin paths him on the back and whispers “Kerrrrr ffffffufffffflllllleee” then bounces out the door.

Is the ACC doomed?

Will a new leader emerge to guide the conference through the rough waters of realignment?

Was that last sentence fore-shadowing Episode Four?

How did a simple move of conference offices devolve into chaos?

Find out whenever we return.....