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Orange release first depth chart of the season heading into Colgate opener

Not quite what we expected.


One more trip around the sun for the Syracuse Orange football program and we’ve got a whole lot of questions in one of the only depth charts that matter for the season, the one we got at lunch time today. It’s week one. Syracuse is playing Colgate. We have an idea who’s playing where... and a lot of questions. Let’s dig into them.

Heading down the roster, some notes:


  • QB - Chalk.
  • RB - Chalk. Though Allen listed on the week one #1 slot is nice to see.
  • TE - Chalk. Though the OR for Thunder Dan Villari is a wrinkle that’s nice to see. Glad to see he’s progressing.
  • WR - Donovan Brown, the speedster, winning that slot spot is a big one. Apparently Trebor Pena is carrying a knock and out this game, so he’s not listed anywhere. Good to see the youngster is getting some run. Otherwise, Isaiah Jones, Damien Alford starting and Umari Hatcher, D’Marcus Adams behind is what we were likely expecting.
  • OL - Well... this is something. It’s what Emily Leiker of reported earlier in the camp, and is still confusing to me. Apparently Chris Bleich (post surgery) and Joe More are playing well enough on the interior to force stalwart and starter from last year Kalan Ellis to the bench. J’Onre Reed, the JuCo transfer has pushed incumbent Josh Ilaoa out of the starting post and David Wolobaugh Jr. the legacy transfer from SEC country has outright won the tackle job. I feel like the names were all expected, but where they are is very novel. We’ll see how it works out on Saturday.


  • DE - Chalk at starter, but Jobity listed as both backups seems confusing.
  • DT - Darton was expected, Elijah Fuentes-Cundiff was his backup last year, but no Terry Lockett? No Braylen Ingraham?
  • LB - Stefon Thompson is on the depth chart, after returning from injury. He’s likely listed with the twos as he gets back to full speed. Lowery gets the nod over Sparrow at the Sam, with Sparrow listed as the backup Mike to Marlowe Wax. Derek McDonald and Kadin Bailey as the Wills seems promising.
  • Secondary - Chalk from what we could gather. This could always change when Myles Farmer gets up to speed.

Special Teams

  • Punter - Stonehouse looked good in the spring and this makes sense.
  • Holder - Justin Barron reprises, but Stonehouse as the backup is a surprise.
  • Long Snapper - Newcomer Big Tom Callahan beats out Mike Midkiff in the Battle for Bolinksy.
  • Returners - Without Pena, D’Marcus Adams and Donovan Brown get to showcase their speed. Go figure.

Any other notes you all have noticed? Or is this enough alteration from the expected for a week one depth chart?