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I Think You Should Leave: the ACC football edition

Which sketch represents your football team


As the Syracuse Orange football season approaches, we dive fully into previews and that includes the #jokesandgarbage.

With all the talk about realignment and the Florida State threats, what better combination to match ACC Football teams with than the “I Think You Should Leave” sketches that best fit their program.

Boston College Eagles- “Focus Group”

Not much else you can say about a BC team that had a 1st round NFL draft pick at WR and lost to UConn by a 13-3 score.

Clemson Tigers- “Garfield House”

If you had to pick one college football HC who would have an Odie recliner, it’s 1000% Dabo. Real-life Jon Arbuckle for sure.

Duke Blue Devils- “Both Ways”

Duke isn’t content to be known as a basketball school. They want to prove they can be a football school too, even if it means Mike Elko has to tear the door off the hinges to make it happen.

Florida State Seminoles- “Weinermobile”

It’s pretty obvious that the Seminoles are the Hot Dog guy who crashes into a store and doesn’t understand why everyone is saying he’s at fault. The FSU BOT are all trying to find the guy who put the ACC behind in the revenue race and they’d appreciate some help in getting answers.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets- “Baby Cries”

Brent Key and his cut-off sweatshirts makes it seem like he’s the type of guy who would have loved eating sloppy steaks at Truffoni’s.

Louisville Cardinals- “Baby of the Year”

Jeff Brohm’s the newest ACC Head Coach. Can he deliver a 9-win season like Mike Elko did at Duke last year? Or will he be bested by Bart Harley Jarvis?

Miami Hurricanes- “Pay it Forward”

The Hurricanes seem to have responded to a 5-7 season after the heavy investment in Mario Cristobal by chasing every possible recruit possible. Let’s just hope their NIL bag man can handle the bill for “55 quarterbacks 55 corner backs, 55 wide receivers, 55 nose tackles, 100 offensive lineman, 44 assistant coaches ....”

North Carolina Tar Heels- “Pacific Proposal Park”

All UNC wanted was a nice conference that Tobacco Road could keep running like it’s always done. Get some football money. Keep the basketball tournament in Greensboro. Then all these outsiders came in and took it over and now it’s all ruined.

NC State Wolfpack- “Children’s Choir”

After voting against Cal and Stanford’s application to join the ACC, it’s clear that NC State showed up to the meeting where the same outfit as UNC and now they are going to do whatever their Shirt Twin wants....and if you want to call Dave Doeren “Biff Wiff” we won’t discourage you.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish- “Summer Loving”

They are supposed to be part of this conference but when conversation switches to becoming a full member, the Irish just run over to the zipline. Starting to think that they aren’t here for the right reasons....

Pittsburgh Panthers- “Driving Crooner”

We know Pat Narduzzi loves pranks so it’s easy to picture him driving around the Steel City with decals on his driver side window for this gag. Oh Narduzzi you cut-up you..

Syracuse Orange- “Caleb Wendt”

Dino Babers is the guy who refuses to ask for help when it comes to clock management because he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of Caleb Wendt.

Virginia Cavaliers- “Supermarket Swap”

Watching the Cavaliers last season was like watching a team of players who got a new coach and suddenly forgot how to play football.

Virginia Tech Hokies- Stupid Hat Brian

Trust us Virginia Tech, orange and maroon is a good look for you. Really you’re definitely pulling it off.

Wake Forest Demon Deacons: “Dan Flashes”

The risk is that the desire for more patterns, or more mesh point handoffs, is that pushing the edge can lead to disaster.

That’s our opinion, but what do you think? Let us know some alternatives in the comments...and make sure to tune in to “Coffin Flop” on Corncob TV.