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TNIAAM Reacts: predicting some Syracuse football leaders

And your thoughts on men’s soccer

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

We are getting ready for the final week of Syracuse Orange preseason camp and we wanted to get your thoughts on the upcoming season.

It was a close call, but you think the Orange will lean on Garrett Shrader’s legs around the goal line. LeQuint Allen was close behind, but we still don’t know if Dino Babers will have a different running back in when Syracuse is in short yardage.

Caleb Okechukwu led the Orange with seven sacks last season and most of you feel he’ll repeat in 2023. Even though he hasn’t been cleared yet, a good percentage of fans feel confident he’ll be able to regain his 2021 form, when he totaled six sacks.

It’s hard to find some pre-season questions for the Olympic sports, but at least fans are on #brand when it comes to field hockey’s chances in Lynn Farquhar’s first season.

Syracuse men’s soccer isn’t predicted to defend any of their titles this fall, but in a close margin, Orange fans think an ACC regular season championship is most likely. We’ll see if Dare to Dream II: Mac’s Boogaloo is a suitable sequel.