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Time for the ACC to step up the halftime shows

It’s getting hot in herre

Lovers & Friends Music Festival Photo by Kaitlyn Morris/FilmMagic

Conference realignment this summer has left the Big 12 looking like it’s rising while the ACC sits around a little confused by what’s happening.

Syracuse Orange fans aren’t the only ACC fanbase wondering how the league will survive in today’s NCAA environment.....but this isn’t about conference expansion or Grant of Rights. Nope, this is about something very important...

Half-time entertainment. That’s right, the Big 12 continues their attempts to shake up the establishment with this week’s announcement.

Super Bowl like” is doing some work here, but Nelly’s a big enough name that it’s going to be a win for the Big 12. They picked up publicity yesterday and when Nelly takes the stage in Arlington, social media will be stompin’ in their Air Force Ones as the St. Louis rapper performs E.I. with the TCU and Kansas State marching bands backing him up.

This leaves Jim Phillips and the ACC with a Dilemma. Do they try and counter with another 2000s rapper? That comes off cheap and unoriginal. Dino Babers will just tell you to play “Smooth” on repeat for the break. Do you let Dabo make the selection and end up with Oliver Anthony? You certainly can’t trust Mike Norvell’s musical tastes.

Maybe the ACC should try and capitalize on current pop culture trends and have a Barbenheimer-themed halftime spectacle. Go corporate synergy with Disney and let them run the halftime show- Loki’s coming back so let Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson do their thing.

And if you can’t make any of these ideas work, well there’s always DJ Crazy Times