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Syracuse football: We help EA Sports determine rivalry games for the Orange

The upcoming college football game offers new possibilities

Syracuse University vs University of Texas, 1960 Cotton Bowl Set Number: X6459

We’ve got a year before the Syracuse Orange are back on the virtual gridiron but it’s not too early to start helping shape the return of EA Sports’ College Football video game series.

Matt Brown from Extra Points has provided ongoing coverage of the process going into the game’s development. This week he shared that EA Sports has reached out to schools to ask about rivalry games.

Andy’s response is correct. The one clear obvious choice for Syracuse is to respond with the Schwartzwalder Trophy against West Virginia. While the two schools aren’t in the same conference (I think this will be true tomorrow), the game has previously allowed for the user to edit schedules and conference and we expect many Orange fans will restart the rivalry.

That leaves us with at least a second rivalry trophy game. We want to make it clear that the OrangeEagle Trophy is the intellectual property of Sean Keeley and not ours to sign off. Personally it would be amazing to have Chris Fowler intro every Syracuse-Boston College matchup with the phrase “The winner takes possession of the Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician OrangeEagle Trophy”, but we won’t hold our breath.

So, what would we submit for current Syracuse rivals? Could we come up with a legit trophy or one that would reach internet fame like “Civil ConFLiCT”?

Syracuse and Pitt have played some unusual games in their history, but what would we call that trophy- “The Brown-Dorsett Trophy” or maybe “Marino-McNabb Trophy”?

Do you want to play Wake Forest for the “Demon Orange Bowl”? Could we get Virginia to play the Orange for “The Wegmans Silver Spatula”?

Let’s hear your thoughts....