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TNIAAM Reacts: Vibe check as Syracuse Football prepares to start camp

We asked, here’s how you responded

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange football camp kicks off this week and after last season’s Pinstripe Bowl appearance we know expectations are that the Orange will be bowl bound again.

Of course it can’t be all serious around here so we asked which Syracuse representative had the best drip in Charlotte last week? It was a close contest but Oronde Gadsden II got the nod from you.

Many of you expect the Orange to finish at least .500 in ACC games this Fall. We’ll find out which of these games you expect to be wins as the season approaches.

Syracuse and Pitt will honor 100 years of college football at Yankee Stadium and most of you expect the game to land on one of the ESPN networks. Let’s hope that it’s a national game.

We couldn’t go without slipping in a men’s basketball question. Yes it’s years later and a different sport, but some revenge on the Volunteers is an idea you find appealing.