The state of SU sports

I know this is a new college year coming up, but it really feels like the last several months have been one good news story after another. As much as I loved and admired Boeheim, it almost feels as if his retirement has reset and given new life to the entire SU sports program. Autry is on a roll. with recruiting and portal (and keeping Judah) all leading to a "return of SU Basketball.". If you follow lacrosse , Gait has an incredibly promising class of freshmen and portal athletes coming in. Then there is football- first bowl game in a few years, a better recruiting class, some transfer portal success, the s**t show about Allen actually going the team's way. As a long, long term SU fan (i attended my first football game at the age of 9 in 1964- Floyd Little's first home game), this is as optimistic about SU sports as I have ben in a long time. Will be sitting in the same B-ball and football seats I've had since the dome opened, and, as usual cheering on the Orange!!