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Syracuse men’s basketball: the real questions we have about Adrian Autry’s HC tenure

It’s the TNIAAM difference

Clemson v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans are curious about Adrian Autry’s offensive and defensive philosophies. That’s all well and good, but here at TNIAAM we have some other pressing questions before Red’s Reign begins.

What will Adrian Autry’s Dome entrance music be?

We assume the glory days of Bruce Springsteen have passed us bye, but what will Coach Autry emerge from the tunnel to? Will he try to appeal to students and recruits with current hits? Will he have a signature song/artist?

You might expect me to suggest a wrestling theme for Red, but that doesn’t seem to suit him. No, what I’m going to say is that Syracuse should get Jadakiss on the line and let the longtime Orange diehard produce a new version of ‘We Gonna Make It” for the debut season. If this doesn’t work, then Stove God Cooks has to be the next choice.

Will Autry pay closer attention to #fashionanalytics?

The quarter-zip era is likely here to stay, but Red seems like he’s a suit guy at heart. Will he follow Earl Grant’s lead and go with a jacket and tie no matter what? Will he be a turtleneck aficionado like Leonard Hamilton? Just as long as he’s not as disheveled and unkempt as Mike Brey was in recent years.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Florida St. Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

What are Autry’s thoughts on the food scene on the road in the ACC?

Do the Orange continue their post-game pizza tradition? On the road will Red seek out new options or stick to what’s worked the last decade? You might be worried about zone vs man, but the Syracuse players might be more interested in knowing if they can finally get some Carolina BBQ.

How will Autry handle #disloyalidiots in post-game press conferences?

Our student reporters are really curious to know if they can finally head into the Dome press room ready to fire off that burning question without worrying that the glare back at them will melt them faster than the snow on the Einhorn Family Walk. Let’s hope it’s not until January that we get to see how Coach Autry handles a difficult loss, but when that happens we probably won’t get a scene like this...