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Disloyal Idiots Podcast: Transferpalooza!

We talk all sorts of transfers tonight on the show!

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The Syracuse Orange are coming and going all over the place! The guys start to try and sort through some of the rubble on what’s happening.

In this week’s edition of the Podcast, the guys talked about...

  • Syair Torrance decommits and Lonnie Rice leaves the program
  • Syracuse recruiting at home?
  • Roster construction and depth
  • Do we have more transfers coming in?
  • Steve brings it back to the offensive line... because...
  • Joe Girard transfers to Clemson
  • Syracuse basketball roster needs
  • Reminiscing on Craig Forth
  • What will Syracuse Basketball be this year?
  • Hockey references are real!
  • Why are we excited about hoops and confused about football?
  • Olympic sports updates

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