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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: an interesting data point from the Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker

Number’s don’t lie

As the Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse team waits to learn their NCAA Tournament seed on Sunday night, our staff has been crunching the data.

We’ve discovered a disturbing data point that could determine the success of the Orange as they attempt to win the first NCAA title in program history. Syracuse has lost two of the last three games and there was one distinct problem- no not the defensive scheme. we are of course talking about hat selection.

2023 Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker

Hat Style Home Road/Neutral
Hat Style Home Road/Neutral
Syracuse Lacrosse Camo 2-0 1-0
Block S Trucker 3-1 2-1
Otto Trucker 3-0
Gait Lacrosse Trucker 1-0
Block S Toque 1-0
Orange Toque 1-0
Syracuse Lacrosse Toque 1-0
No Hat 1-0
Overall 10-1 6-1

It had been pretty easy for Treanor this season- pick a hat any hat. Outside and it feels a bit chilly, go with the toque. Heck we even had a no hat game and it still didn’t impact the final score.

However, the two losses have both occurred with Treanor sporting the Block S trucker hat. We’re not going to dare show the hat in this piece because we don’t want those bad vibes around us.

Instead we’re going to focus on the upcoming games and we ask Kayla and the lacrosse equipment folks to remove that hat from the premises. You’ve got a week before the next game so hit up Marshall Street and buy more Otto trucker hats like the one at the top of this story.

Please don’t tempt the fashion gods like Jim Boeheim so recklessly did and stick with what’s working.