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TNIAAM Productions presents: Operation Charlotte: The Tobacco Road Two-Time

A new rift emerges between conference mates

NCAA Men’s Final Four - Oregon v North Carolina Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans knew that the ACC Conference was moving from Greensboro to Charlotte, but did you know who was given the job of coordinating the logistics?

Well that task when to the ACC Mascots and TNIAAM has been given behind the scenes access to document the transition as it unfolds. When we last left off, it seemed like division was running rampant....little did we know what was to follow

Chapter Two: The Tobacco Road Two-Time

The white Ram truck pulls into the Huddle House restaurant in Asheboro, NC. Rameses and Roy Williams get out and head to the front door. Roy enters and sees the Wufs at a large table with Cimmaron, Tiger, Cavalier, Hokie and Sebastian.

“Daggum Rameses, why did you tell me we were meeting Hubert? I would have at least put on some argyle for this crew.”

Cavalier stands to greet the Hall of Fame Coach

“Coach Roy, we are honored that you have graced us with your presence this fine Carolina morning.”

North Carolina v Virginia Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Tiger and Sebastian snicker as Mr Wuf grumbles “suck-up” in between coughs.

Ms. Wuf glares at and shakes her head as Cavalier continues...

“By now Rameses should have told you why we invited you”

“Actually Rameses told me Hubert wanted to meet outside Chapel Hill to figure out how he went from #1 to not making the Tournament. I don’t know why I’m talking with you...but I’m sure you’ll tell me.”

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Boston College vs Florida State Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

“That’s the Magnificent 7 my dear ball coach” says Cimarron. “We, the cream of the ACC, would like your assistance with handling the fallout from leaving one place for another. I believe you are familiar with turning your back on schools”

“Come again? Aren’t you the basketball mascot? Where’s the guy with the horse and spear?”

Rameses interjects “Coach, sensitive subject. The legislature has removed him for what Mom called a symbol of bestiality......anyway what we’re asking you is to help us with our messaging as we depart this conference for greater riches in the Heartland of America”

“Wait I thought we were going to the SEC? You can’t spell “It Means More” with “The U” baby!!”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 08 North Carolina at Miami Photo by Samuel Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

“Yes Sebastian, that’s what Cimarron told me during our meeting at Howard’s Rock. We were finally going to join the league that hasn’t won a NCAA basketball title in years”

The Cavalier looks at Rameses. “SEC? No way am I associating with that motley lot….well other than Vanderbilt. I thought we were moving in with the premier academic institutions….and Rutgers

“Did you guys get a lawyer to review the GOR?”

“Seb? Not the Cavalier?”

“Yeah my guy Johnny told us we could get out of it easy-peasy. Said it was easier to break than a NCAA recruiting rule.“

“Wait you had John Ruiz advise you? Did you at least get Sankey to confirm he’s going to take some of you?”

SPORTS-CMP-KAUFMAN-COLUMN-MI Pedro Portal/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

“Yeah Tiger called him and he said he was locked in on his alma mater and their partners so it’s Carolina, State and Virginia. Then Clemson Miami and us go to the Big 10”

Gobble gobble?

Oh yeah Hokie we put your left leg in and you ended up in the Big 12.

Roy sighs. ”Did you look at where Sankey went to grad school?“

All look at Tiger who shrugs then the 7 look back at Roy.

“He went to Syracuse. If Sankey is after Syracuse and their partners that means you might watch Duke and Pitt leave you back here. Guess none of you had to listen to Boeheim complain about being done in by a family member. God that was annoying...even by Boeheim standards. Rameses, get back in the truck. We’ve got to get in touch with Swofford before this whole thing goes daggum kaput”


Will the Magnificent 7 get their exit plan back on track?

Has the SEC lost their mind or is there something up Greg Sankey’s sleeve?

Do you think Otto’s trying to reform the Octonion?

Tune in for Episode 3 where we will probably just ignore these questions and take this in a new direction....