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Syracuse men’s lacrosse: Nine former Orange named to PLL training camp rosters

The ‘Cuse alumni are ready to hit the ground running heading into the PLL’s new season.

LACROSSE: JUN 16 Premier Lacrosse League Chicago Photo By Daniel Bartel/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As May Madness heads towards its second weekend, the 2023 college lacrosse season is rapidly winding down.

And that means that we are just two and half weeks away from the start of this summer’s Premier Lacrosse League season on the weekend of June 3-4 in Albany. On Monday, we took another step in that direction as the eight PLL teams submitted their 30-man rosters for training camp.

Nine former members of the Syracuse Orange found their names attached to those rosters, including Cole Kirst and Alex Simmons from this year’s team.

Interestingly, all nine players have graduated from the program within the last two years:


  • Brendan Curry ‘22 — 1 of 6 midfielders on Atlas roster
  • Peter Dearth ‘21 — 1 of 4 defensive midfielders
  • Drake Porter ‘21 — 1 of 3 goalies


  • Stephen Rehfuss ‘21 — 1 of 9 attackers on Cannons roster
  • Jakob Phaup ‘22 — 1 of 2 FOGOs


  • Alex Simmons ‘23 — 1 of 9 attackers on Chaos roster
  • Brett Kennedy ‘22 — 1 of 5 defenders


  • Cole Kirst ‘23 — 1 of 8 midfielders on Redwoods roster


  • Tucker Dordevic ‘22 — 1 of 8 midfielders on Whipsnakes roster

There are no former ‘Cuse players currently on the rosters for Archers, Chrome, or Waterdogs.

Training camp for the 30-man rosters starts on Friday, May 26, and the clubs will have to finalize their 25-man rosters for the season on Tuesday, May 30 ahead of Week One that following weekend. Gameday rosters for the teams are tiny at only 19 players.