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Disloyal Idiots Podcast: WLAX domination and men’s lax postmortem w/ John Orsenigo

Some women’s lax talk and more!

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The Syracuse Orange are heading into the home stretch on lacrosse seasons, so we had our own John Orsenigo on to talk through what’s next for the women and run a post mortem on the men.

In this week’s edition of the Podcast, the guys talked about...

  • Women’s lax dominates on the SU Soccer Stadium pitch
  • Is it a turnaround or a blip?
  • JMU coming up this week
  • Happy Mothers day to Mrs. Tyrell
  • Some men’s lax talk as well
  • What went wrong? How is it getting better?
  • Offense? Do we have consistency?
  • Transfer portal talk, stop me if you’ve heard this before...
  • High hopes for the roster construction heading into 2024
  • Swapping South Carolina Quarterbacks!
  • Donnie Freeman commits!

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