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TNIAAM reacts: you believe in Syracuse football alums

You expect to see four new Syracuse NFL players in the fall

Notre Dame v Syracuse Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The 2023 NFL schedule is out and a number of you expect to see several Syracuse Orange alums suiting up in the opening week.

We also thank you for staying on #brand with this vote.

Syracuse concludes the ACC Outdoor Championships tonight and we’ll see if the Orange will prove you right.

It seems like it’s been months since Joe Girard announced he was pursuing the NBA Draft and entering the transfer portal. Now that he’s committed to Clemson and set to face Syracuse twice season, Orange fans feel like he’s going to be targeted on defense....and yeah he’ll probably drop 25-30 in his Dome return.

Last weekend also brought news that 2024 commit Syair Torrence is opening up his recruitment. Most of you aren’t holding out hope that he’ll play for his hometown team.

Next week we’ll be looking for your input on the recruiting news of this week and the weekend that was for Syracuse sport