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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker April Update

At least one fashion stat remains active

The Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse team has two tough games remaining in the regular season. Tomorrow the Orange are on the road to face North Carolina before next week’s home finale against Boston College.

As the Orange wrap up the regular season and prepare for the post-season, Kayla Treanor has gone back to the trucker hats.

2023 Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker

Hat Style Home Road/Neutral
Hat Style Home Road/Neutral
Syracuse Lacrosse Camo 2-0 1-0
Block S Trucker 3-1 2-1
Otto Trucker 3-0
Gait Lacrosse Trucker 1-0
Block S Toque 1-0
Orange Toque 1-0
Syracuse Lacrosse Toque 1-0
No Hat 1-0
Overall 10-1 6-1

Will the trend continue tomorrow? If so, which trucker gets the nod? We think fans should get there hats ordered before May as this squad prepares for the NCAA Tournament. It might be tough to choose, but at least Kayla has given you plenty of viable options to choose from.

Maybe for next season Syracuse will come up with a signature trucker hat for the top players on the team (hint, hint).