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Jim Boeheim alluded to retirement prior to Syracuse University’s announcement: ‘I gave my retirement speech on the court last Saturday’

The Jim Boeheim era at Syracuse comes to a conclusion after 47 years.

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Isaiah Vazquez/Getty Images

The Jim Boeheim era at Syracuse is officially over. After 47 years as head coach, Syracuse University announced that Boeheim’s storied career has come to a conclusion. Associate head coach Adrian Autry has been named the program’s next head coach.

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team lost in heartbreaking fashion on Wednesday in the ACC Tournament Second Round. Wake Forest buried a last second three-pointer to win 77-74, ending Syracuse’s season. Naturally, Boeheim was asked about his impending retirement following the game.

Boeheim, 78, said it was Syracuse University’s decision on whether he coached again next season, alluding to his contract not being renewed. The timing of Syracuse’s announcement wasn’t set until today. Although coy in the post-game press conference, Boeheim talked like a coach who had coached his final game.

“I’ve been very lucky to be able to coach my college team, to play and then be an assistant coach and then a head coach and never having to leave Syracuse. It’s a great university. The city has embraced our team. I’m amazed that we’ve been able to draw the fans that we’ve been able to draw over the years,” Boeheim began.

Boeheim referenced his tenure and as Notre Dame’s Mike Brey had already publicly announced the forfeiture of his head coaching duties at Notre Dame, Boeheim said he’s a “puppy” compared to him.

“I’ve been just so lucky to be able to coach at Syracuse, a place I love. A place I love to live. People keep wondering about that but maybe that’s a flaw I have. I’ve lived in Syracuse my whole life and I’ll live there hopefully a long time into the future,” Boeheim continued.

Boeheim admitted uncertainty on whether he’d coach this 2022-23 season, but when recruiting Syracuse’s current six-man freshman class he told them he’d be their coach. He said that with Joe Girard, Jesse Edwards and Benny Williams coming back he felt Syracuse could’ve had a good team but ultimately didn’t quite get there.

While Boeheim’s Hall of Fame coaching counterparts have stepped away from their coaching duties, some have maintained employment at their universities. Mike Krzyzewski is now the Ambassador to Duke. Boeheim said he hoped he would be offered something similar.

“The University hasn’t offered me anything whether to work or do anything at the University. That’s their choice,” Boeheim said. “I haven’t had any conversations about that. I hope that we will.”

Boeheim retraced his steps and reiterated how lucky he’s been to coach at Syracuse for this long before suggesting that those in media should’ve been able to figure it out sooner.

“I’ve just been lucky to be able to coach this long,” He said. “I think you missed it. I gave my retirement speech on the court last Saturday and I gave it in the press conference afterwards.”

Boeheim took a shot at Syracuse University’s decision on the way out.

“I hope we can come to a good agreement. That remains to be seen,” Boeheim said

In 47 years as head coach, Boeheim’s teams won 1,116 games, made 35 NCAA Tournament appearances, 20 Sweet 16s, five Final Fours and won one National Championship. Boeheim was inducted into the Naismith Hall of Fame in 2005.