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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Updating Meaghan Tyrrell’s chase for Orange history

She’s closing in.

After a few “down” scoring games by her standards, Syracuse Orange attacker Meaghan Tyrrell has once again caught fire in the last two games, putting up a combined 15 points against Louisville and Cornell.

So, it feels like a good time to update the all-time program scoring lists and check in on Meaghan’s pursuit of each record. Let’s take a look:


  1. Katie Rowan — 396
  2. Kayla Treanor — 393
  3. Meaghan Tyrrell — 374
  4. Alyssa Murray — 362
  5. Emily Hawryschuk — 341


  1. Emily Hawryschuk — 272
  2. Kayla Treanor — 260
  3. Christina Dove — 250
  4. Meaghan Tyrrell — 233
  5. Katie Rowan — 232


  1. Katie Rowan — 164
  2. Meaghan Tyrrell — 141
  3. Michelle Tumolo — 137
  4. Alyssa Murray — 136
  5. Kayla Treanor — 133

Meaghan just passed Alyssa Murray last weekend against Louisville for 3rd place on the all-time points list, and is now really starting to bear down on Katie Rowan and head coach Kayla Treanor in the top-two spots. She’s just 22 points behind Rowan’s record, and has a good chance to not just break the school record, but to end up crushing it.

She already passed Rowan on the goals list against Cornell to move into 4th place there.

She’s 39 goals behind her former teammate, Emily Hawryschuk, for the goals record. That one will be tougher to get, especially since she’s been focusing so much on setting up her teammates this season, but it’s certainly not unattainable. Speaking of setting up her teammates...

She’s catapulted up the assists list this season in a somewhat unexpected fashion, and in recent games she blown past Kayla, Alyssa, and Michelle Tumolo and into 2nd place on the helpers list. She’s 23 assists behind Katie Rowan’s record, a number that’s very much within reach given how well she’s been dishing this season.

Meaghan’s already the only player in school history who’s in the top four of all three lists. Katie and Kayla are both in the top five of all three, but she’s the only one who’s top four.

She really is in the process of re-writing the program record books right before our eyes and putting up numbers that will have a good chance to stand for a very long time.

It takes a very special player to provide this kind of assault on a program’s record books, especially a program of SU’s quality. I can’t wait to see what she and this very special team do next!