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Ask Nunes: here’s your chance to get your Syracuse questions answered

Off-season doesn’t mean we’re off the clock

Florida State v Syracuse

Syracuse Orange fans. As head into the slower time of the year for a lot of the higher profile Syracuse sports, we want to give you the opportunity to #AskNunes.

Do you have some topics you’d like us to dive into? #AskNunes

Want to hear from this group of writers about their top 5 defensive midfielders in Syracuse lacrosse history? #AskNunes

NCAA Photos Archive

Want us to tell you which women’s sports Syracuse should add next? #AskNunes

And if you’ve been around here for a while, you know that we’ll talk Premier League, Marvel, pro wrestling, etc. Don’t feel you have to keep it to Syracuse sports....but let’s keep it clean.

Submit your questions in the comments or online through Twitter/Facebook and we’ll get our writers to answer them in future blogs.