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TNIAAM Reacts: Let’s go back to 2003 Syracuse Orange fans

The best of times

Syracuse University vs University of Kansas, 2003 NCAA National Championship Set Number: X68060 TK2

The Syracuse Orange want you to take a trip down memory lane tomorrow night when the 2003 National Championship team is honored. We’ll also get the jersey retirements for Hakim Warrick and Gerry McNamara, so we kept most of our survey questions related to that topic this week.

We start off with the disappointment in you #disloyalidiots. We couldn’t get this to 44%? Shame on all but 32% of you

If we extended this to entire NCAA Tournament run we probably would have seen a lot of votes for Bloody G-Mac. Only 6% of the vote for “The Texas Teabag” is a bit of a surprise. Feels like more of you need to watch some Final Four highlights

Welcome to the Kentucky Wildcats fans who comprise 5% of the survey responses this week.

Feels like we’ve shoved Syracuse football to the side while hoops has been in meltdown mode but this was also a surprise to me. Judging by comments here I thought most would favor Lamson. Are we all happy that there appears to be some depth at the quarterback position?