All-Boeheim Era

Now that the greatest coach of all-time, living legend Jim Boeheim, (hook me up to a lie detector, you'll never convince me anyone in the history of the sport has ever done as great of a job as Boeheim did at our program) has retired, I thought it'd be a good time to put out the All-Boeheim Era Teams. As much as I wish he would have given us another decade as head coach, I'm excited to start the Autry Era and maybe do this again in another 20-50 years.

To be fair, I'm not old enough to remember much before Pearl Washington, so my teams are going to be biased by that, as well as a lot of other factors including but not limited to whether or not I liked a guy. I'm also not including anyone that played for Roy Danforth, even if just for a season. So apologies to Utica Legend and Orange Great Dale Shackleford. And while I'm not old enough to remember being upset by Penn in the Sweet 16, I am old enough to insist on doing these teams with 2 guards, 2 forwards, and a center. I'm sure there will be plenty to nit-pick with my picks, so feel free to tell me why I'm wrong or what I missed below.

First Team

Jersey Jax - Sherman Douglas: Syracuse Orangemen... | Facebook

G: Sherman Douglas - One of only three players under Boeheim to be a 2x AP All-American (Washington & Warrick), remains SU's All-Time leader in assists and 6th in scoring. Graduated as school's all-time scoring leader, and NCAA's all-time assists leader. Ultimately took him over Pearl due to my memories of the '87 NCAA Tournament run.

Former Syracuse University great Lawrence Moten has a grand vision for his  moment in the spotlight -

G: Lawrence Moten - My All-Time favorite Orangemen and school's all-time scoring leader.

This year should be the seniors' show

F: Hakim Warrick - 2x AP All-American with a National Championship Ring. 5th on SU's scoring list and 4th in rebounds

Syracuse basketball great Derrick Coleman earns his degree to keep a  promise to his mother -

F: Derrick Coleman - SU's all-time leading rebounder, 2nd all-time scorer, #1 overall in NBA Draft.

Hardwood Banquet Set For March 10 - Syracuse University Athletics

C: Etan Thomas - #1 on SU's all-time blocked shots list, with over a 100 on the #2 spot. For my money, the best defensive center to ever wear orange. If we had played Michigan State anywhere other than Detroit, Boeheim would have another Final Four to his name.

2nd Team

Syracuse Basketball: Pearl Washington Passes Away At Age 52 - Troy Nunes Is  An Absolute Magician

G: Pearl Washington - By any objective measure Pearl should be 1st Team. I'm not claiming to be objective.

Szuba: A personal retelling of the 2006 Big East Tournament - Troy Nunes Is  An Absolute Magician

G: Gerry McNamara - Just about single handily responsible for the greatest four day stretch in my 40+ years as a Syracuse fan, and I haven't even mentioned 2003 yet.

SU Top 100: #3 Carmelo Anthony - Orange Fizz - Daily Syracuse Recruiting  News & Team Coverage

F: Carmelo Anthony - Only one year in orange, but it was a pretty good year.

Jim Boeheim's 9 best teams at Syracuse, ranked |

F: John Wallace - 1996 remains my favorite NCAA Tournament run. He had a few other "decent" years in addition to '96 and remains #3 on SU's all-time scoring and rebounding lists.

Rony Seikaly - Syracuse

C: Rony Seikaly - Was he an asshole? Sure, but he was our asshole and I love him for it.

3rd Team

Jason Hart left Syracuse in 2000, but all this time later he'll tell you  he's still gloriously Orange -

G: Jason Hart - One of my All-Time favorites and a big reason we never had to deal with the unsufferable idiot Doug Gottlieb in an Orange uniform. Remains #2 All-Time in assists.

No. 1 Orange top Providence to remain undefeated

G: Brandon Triche - This may seem high, but I'll die on this hill. Triche spent as much time on teams ranked #1 in the country as probably any player in Orange history. Just an absolute winner. If the refs don't blow that blocking call against Michigan he'd have a National Title to his name and be even higher on my list.

Chaz Owens, son of former Syracuse star Billy Owens, joins Orange |

F: Billy Owens - As talented as anyone to ever wear the uniform at Syracuse. Somehow (bad luck mostly), he never making a Final Four, and that's the only thing keeping him off of my first two teams.

Former Syracuse star Stephen Thompson returns to Carrier Dome for tonight's  exhibition game -

F: Stephen Thompson - As far as guys who are in the Top 7 on SU's All-Time scoring list go, this one is pretty overlooked. One of my first "favorite" Orangemen as a kid and as exciting a dunker as I've ever seen.

Former Syracuse basketball star Roosevelt Bouie: The grandmother who taught  him to fish (podcast) -

C: Roosevelt Bouie - Before my time, but I know how to read a stat line and tend to take Jim Boeheim at his word.

4th Team

SU Top 100: #47 Adrian Autry - Orange Fizz - Daily Syracuse Recruiting News  & Team Coverage

G: Adrian Autry - The 2012 Regional Final against Ohio State was the worst officiated game in the history sports, not just basketball. The 1994 Regional Semi-Final against Missouri, while often over looked in the large pantheon of horribly officiated Syracuse games, is also in the conversation. If the refs hadn't been shamed into blowing their whistle after Autry made that shot from his knees, we were Final Four bound. Scored over 1,500 points and remains 5th on the all-time assists list.

Eric Devendorf hits woman, woman does not take it well, Eric Devendorf gets  in trouble - Card Chronicle

G: Eric Devendorff - I loved watching Devo play, and his career included a lot of all-time great moments from Gerry's Run at MSG to the 6OT classic. Mr. MSG.

Syracuse Defeats Georgetown in Final Big East Meeting - The New York Times

F: C.J. Fair - I watched Syracuse win a lot of games with this kid on the floor. If we don't shoot 0/10 from three against Dayton, probably would have watched him win a few more and go to a 2nd Final Four.

Syracuse Mourns Loss of Louis Orr - Syracuse University Athletics

F: Louie Orr - Like his running mate Bouie, was before my time, but I respect and celebrate the legend.

Former Syracuse basketball center Otis Hill works with violent young  criminals -

C: Otis Hill - One of my personal favorites and a guy who doesn't get enough mention as a Syracuse great.

5th Team

Syracuse Basketball: Revisting Trevor Cooney's High School Scouting Report  | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

G: Trevor Cooney - Maybe the most unfairly maligned Orangemen of all-time. Only 'Cuse player to play in two Final Fours (DeJuan Coleman, injury, and Gbinije, transfer year, were on two rosters but didn't play in '13). Besides going to a lot of Final Fours, could also score a little too, finishing with over 1,400 points.

NCAA Tournament: Trail Blazers guard Jonny Flynn on Syracuse, March Madness  (video) -

G: Jonny Flynn - Outside of Carmelo Anthony, I'm not sure any player has ever left as big of a mark on the program in as short of a period. Apologies to Buddy Boeheim, D-Nic, and Marius Janulis who I also took hard looks at for this final spot.


F: Todd Burgan - My sentimentality for the '96 team may have influenced my decesion to put Burgan here. But I'm not going to apologize for it. His 1,500 points and 3 solid seasons as a starter also influenced it as well.

Report: Kris Joseph says he's returning to Syracuse basketball - syracuse .com

F: Kris Joseph - The numbers say I should have put Rafael Addison here, but I have stronger memories of the Joseph years and it's my list.

Syracuse basketball alum Arinze Onuaku selected in NBA D-League draft -

C: Arinze Onuaku - Perhaps the personification of what it is to root for Syracuse Basketball. If he wasn't injured, if that call wasn't blown, if we hadn't called that time out, if the NCAA wasn't out to get us, if that water boy doesn't come off the bench to shoot 11 of 13 from three,....

I know I left a lot of deserving names off these list, so apologies to all those many other deserving guys.