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Disloyal Idiots Podcast: Spring Break Final Four Edition

The guys finally talk basketball... and Spring football.

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Are you entering the transfer portal? Because there are a lot of players in the transfer portal and the Syracuse Orange are going to have to make some decisions...

In this week’s edition of the Podcast, the guys talked about...

  • We break down the final four.. and it ain’t great.
  • Joe Girard. It’s the Joe Girard discussion.
  • Being a Syracuse fan is hard lol
  • We go on some crazy tangents, including “Let’s guess the NY hamlet!”
  • We talk about the forward roster construction and Ted Lasso!
  • We dig into Judah Mintz’s decision and what happens with roster construction if he’s coming back and who’s leaving.
  • Syracuse Football Spring Ball is here! What roster moves are happening? And why are there so many tight ends?
  • The offensive line is 2/5 offensive at the moment... not ideal.
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