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TNIAAM Reacts: Syracuse fans have faith in women’s lacrosse

football....that’s another story

2021 NCAA Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship Photo by Greg Fiume/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

It’s time for us to recap this week’s Syracuse Orange poll questions.

A pretty large majority of you believe that the Orange women’s lacrosse team will be able to hold the #1 spot heading into the NCAA Tournament. It won’t be easy with UNC and Boston College left on the schedule, but hopefully Syracuse doesn’t force this team to play games at a high school field when they are a top NCAA seed.

It’s still early in the transfer portal window and most of you are expecting Adrian Autry to lose another player from his roster? Will Rick Pitino lure Joe Girard away with dreams of playing DePaul in MSG? Do you think Tony Bennett uses Dave Matthews to serenade Justin Taylor back to Charlottesville?

It’s hard to get too excited about the Syracuse spring game if it’s the same format as last year, but with key departures and Garrett Shrader sidelined, it could provide our only glimpse of the potential on this roster before September.

Maybe we should have asked how many of you want to meet the TNIAAM staff before the game......on second thought, maybe that would be bad for our collective egos.

Enjoy the weekend folks!

Maybe we should have as