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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: The Official Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker debuts

A new fashion stat debuts

Syracuse Orange fans. Were you worried that Jim Boeheim’s retirement ended our fashion analytics?

Fear not. Our crack research staff has hopped on the bandwagon of the #1 women’s lacrosse team in the country and we present to you:

The Official Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker™

That’s right. Throughout the season we will be tracking the headwear of the Orange head coach and we’ll see which sideline style has the most success. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got so far

2023 Kayla Treanor Hat Tracker

Hat Style Home Road/Neutral
Hat Style Home Road/Neutral
Syracuse Lacrosse Camo 2-0 1-0
Block S Trucker 3-1 2-1
Otto Trucker 3-0
Gait Lacrosse Trucker 1-0
Block S Toque 1-0
Orange Toque 1-0
Syracuse Lacrosse Toque 1-0
No Hat 1-0
Overall 10-1 6-1

A few early-season outdoor games have given us three different toques which we appreciate as we try to keep the #CanadaSCollegeTeam brand strong.

When the games are inside the friendly confines of the JMA Dome, we’ve seen a couple of trucker hat options sported by Treanor. With a top-ten Stony Brook team coming to town, we’ll see which direction Treanor goes with tonight.

If the Orange go to 10-0 each of these hats should be flying off the shelves in Central New York.