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Syracuse women’s lacrosse: Kate Mashewske out for the season with lower-body injury

The Orange’s draw taker suffered the injury over the weekend against Notre Dame.


The Syracuse Orange women’s lacrosse team sustained a significant blow to it’s roster over the weekend late in its 15-7 win over No. 12 Notre Dame.

Senior draw control specialist Kate Mashewske suffered a lower-body injury while making a play a few minutes into the fourth quarter.

After winning a draw, Kate was running towards the sideline to evade a pair of defenders when she stepped awkwardly and tumbled to the ground, grabbing towards her knee. She immediately had a worried look on her face, and was eventually helped over to the bench by Kayla Treanor and Caitlin Defliese. She remained on the sideline for the rest of the game while standing on crutches.

This is horrible news for both the team and Kate, who is the only experienced draw taker on the Syracuse roster and one of the best in the country at the position. Kate was leading the country in draw control wins per game (10.5) coming into last weekend. Coach Treanor and her staff are now left searching for an answer now that they’ve lost one of their most valuable and difficult-to-replace players.

It seems like the answer is going to come in the form of Olivia Adamson, who came in and took the final three draws after Kate’s injury, going 2-for-3 and winning one to herself.

I’m not sure if this is just me trying to talk myself into the current situation, but I actually feel like Adamson might end up being good at draws. She’s certainly got the athleticism to make it work, and she looked very natural in her three attempts on Saturday. I can see her doing well on the 50/50 balls, because she’s got the speed, strength, and power to be effective in the middle of the field.

Best of luck to Kate on her journey to making a full recovery.