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Troy Nunes is an Absolute Podcast: Syracuse ShotQuality interview with Bennet Corcoran

We dive deep into Syracuse Orange basketball!

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NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Boston College Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange have been in an odd spot on the men’s basketball court, and several analytically inclined folks have been sounding the alarm for years. We decided to try and get smart by inviting a College Basketball Lifer and Extremely Smart Guy (tm) on the show to teach us more!

In this week’s edition of the Podcast, the guys talked about...

  • Quick housekeeping: this is the last month of the Troy Nunes is an Absolute Podcast... but that doesn’t mean we’re going away or anything changes on your end! Just means a new name is coming down the pipeline.
  • ShotQuality Senior Data Scientist Lead Bennett Corcoran joins the pod!
  • Ok, what’s wrong with Syracuse? Are the issues we’ve observed backed up in the data?
  • Who’s been really effective for Syracuse this year?
  • We take a wider look at College Basketball, starting the ACC.
  • We talk Judah Mintz and what he’s done, and where he will be playing basketball next season.
  • HOMEFIELD APPAREL (Use promo code NUNES for 10% off your first order)
  • Syracuse’s resume is not ideal... but how does the Orange matchup in hypothetical ACC Tournament teams?
  • Ok, we finally dive into the Jim Boeheim comments, and it’s a fun conversation?
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