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TNIAAM reacts: Here are the results from our latest Syracuse Orange survey

You aren’t happy about another game at Yankee Stadium


We asked you to share some thoughts on the Syracuse Orange 2023 football schedule and here’s what you told us.

First, it looks like you aren’t happy that Syracuse is taking their home game against Pittsburgh and moving it to Yankee Stadium. Wonder if you’ll feel the same way when it’s a home game against UConn that gets moved to the Bronx.

If we were using this survey to predict the secondary ticket market for this game, we’d guess that ticket prices will be pretty cheap. Doesn’t anyone care about celebrating tradition.....

This one comes as no surprise. It’s a bit of a shock that Syracuse decided to make this the Homecoming game when it was going to be the biggest crowd. Wouldn’t it have been wiser to make Army the Homecoming game? Maybe that’s a question for next week’s survey.

The other big news was the commitment of Elijah Moore and the discussion about NIL. I admit that I could have worded the “Athletes should be paid” answer better, but it looks like Orange fans aren’t worried about athletes earning money. Now when that money doesn’t lead to wins, that could be another story

Got any ideas for future surveys? Let us know in the comments.