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TNIAAM Reacts: you believe in the Orange women’s basketball team

The men...not so much after this week

Syracuse v Virginia Tech Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

Welcome to another recap of what Syracuse Orange fans shared with us this week. After the losses to Duke and Clemson, it’s not as positive for Jim Boeheim’s squad.

We’ll have to follow up on this one a bit more to see who it is you think is the main rival on the hardwood for the Orange. Dome crowds would indicate Duke is still the biggest home game.

Remember that optimism after the NC State win? Sure looks like those hopes have been washed away the last two games.

On the other hand, you feel good about Felisha Legette-Jack’s team taking care of business in Greensboro to slide into the NCAA Tournament, which would be a tremendous accomplishment after the last sixteen months for the program.

You were on #brand with not doing something to commemorate the Yankee Stadium football game next year. We didn’t suggest wearing pinstripes but it does seem like a good opportunity to wear a look made popular in the Brown-Davis-Little era doesn’t it?

Thanks as always for participating in these surveys and keep us posted on questions you’d like to see included in future fan polls.