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TNIAAM Productions presents: Operation Charlotte: Chapter 1

What happens when mascots are in charge of logistics?

NCAA Womens Basketball: Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament - Notre Dame vs UNC Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange fans knew that the ACC Conference was moving from Greensboro to Charlotte, but did you know who was given the job of coordinating the logistics?

Well that task when to the ACC Mascots and TNIAAM has been given behind the scenes access to document the transition as it unfolds. Here is our first look at the logistical nightmare brewing....

Wake Forest’s Mascot, 1995 NCAA Playoffs SetNumber: X47960 TK2 R1 F24

Wake Deacon: “Gentlemen…


Deacon: “ My apologies….and Ms. Wuf…


Deacon “sigh….Ladies and gentlemen and Ottos….our illustrious commissioner has asked me to plan the ACC move from Greensboro to Charlotte”

Duke “Ah yes. Ramses and I know this journey so well from our March travels”

Cavalier: “You mean the shortcut to the Sweet 16”

Panther: “Charlotte? Hey Sebastian you guys aren’t familiar with that city are you?”

Sebastian: “What the @#&! bro. The U is back…we got Mario and Ruiz and no one is stopping us from making Charlotte Dade County North”

Panther “We’ve been there more than yinz”

Buzz “So have we”

Sebastian: “Hang on. Gotta go check my crypto account”

Deacon: “Can we move on?”

Seminole: “One bad year does not mean it’s time for Leonard to move on..”

ACC Mascots Visit the Empire State Building in Advance of the Tournament Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Otto: “Tactical glasses”

Clemson Tiger: “We should lead the way as Charlotte is our 2nd home”

Ramses “We’re not going there in December so you wouldn’t be able to find it”

Hokie “We’re not going in March so how can you be sure you and Dookie can find it?”

Eagle: “Why Charlotte? Boston is a better place to live”

Cavalier “Then why don’t you move there?”

Deacon: “Can we please get back to the task at hand?”

The Notre Dame Leprechaun barges into the room with the 2020 ACC Championship trophy in a box “Jimmy, let’s go the Big 10 plane to Chicago is waiting for…..oh hey there fellow ACC friends. What’s going on?”

Otto: “Lizard Flare”

Tiger looks at phone: “Why won’t the SEC return my calls?”

Seminole and Sebastian both look up...“Wait Sankey told us that we were his next choice?”

The three take off into the hallway as the Cavalier rises to speak

NCAA Basketball: Houston at Virginia Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

“We need to have some decorum my dear conference mates. Like the great Thomas Jefferson…”

Hokie rises flapping it’s wings

“Thomas Jefferson. Everything always has to be about Thomas Jefferson with you. Here’s where Thomas Jefferson ate his breakfast. Here’s where Thomas Jefferson taught Dave Matthews to play guitar. Here’s where Thomas Jefferson impregnated…”

“You felonious fowl” *draws sabre* “ye shall pay for thine transgressions”

The Hokie scurries away with Cavalier in chase.

Deacon looks around the room:”Well we don’t have a quorum now so this will have to get decided later”

Ramses: “We’ve got you, me, the Wufs and Devil. Seems like we have all the votes we need”

Devil: ”Just like old times right? Tobacco Road rules again”

Mr and Ms Wuf nod their heads

Ramses “I say we get those schools who want into the league to do the moving and tell them this is part of the application process”

Devil picks up the phone “Tell Swofford Operation Tobacco Road 2.0 is a go. We’ll pick up “the package” on the way to Charlotte. Time for us to take our Conference back”


What are the Tobacco Road schools plotting? Is there an SEC exodus coming? Will poor Otto recover from ACC Network commercial hypnosis?

Stay tuned for Chapter 2