NCAAs--So you're sayin' there's a chance

Yes, I'm saying there's a chance. I don't think it is an overwhelmingly probable chance, but I do think there is a small path for us to make March Madness. Right now, our NET ranking is 95--not good at all. We have ZERO Quad 1 wins. We are 2-8 in Quad 1/2 games. We have Q3 losses against Colgate (#102) and Bryant (#150), which are warts on the resume. Nonetheless, we are 16-10 overall and 9-6 in conference. We have some important games left on the schedule. Duke right now will be a Quad 2 game (Duke is #33 and only top 30 games at home are Q1). Clemson is also just barely a Q2 game (#78, but only top 75 away games are Q1). Pitt is a Q1 game. In addition to those games we have Wake and GA Tech. I think we need to beat Pitt, split the Duke/Clemson games, and sweep Wake and GA Tech. That gets us to 20-11 and 13-7. I think we then need to get to the Semis of the ACC Tournament, which would involve us going 2-1. I think that is enough to get us in....I'm not sure if 1-1 in the ACC tournament is enough. Thoughts?