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JMA Dome renovations: First look at Miron Victory Court renderings

The proposed building would connect the Dome to the Barnes Center.

The longtime home of Syracuse Orange football, basketball and lacrosse has received major upgrades over the last few years and will continue to add more in the next stages of its massive renovation project.

One of those additions is a new building that would connect the Dome to the adjacent Barnes Center at the Arch. Thanks to this proposal made by SU to the City of Syracuse’s Zoning Administration Office, we have our first look at what that could look like.

The Miron Victory Court - described as “an enclosed pedestrian thruway” - would run entirely from the northeast to the southeast end of the Dome. The structure would add two enclosed entrances to the Dome, expand its footprint, and help to address the issue of narrow concourses. These images were released by the Syracuse Landmark Preservation Board following a meeting discussing the project earlier this month.

The Victory Court is listed as an “eventual” enhancement to the Dome, so there’s no direct timetable as to when construction on it would begin. Phase Two upgrades like improved Wi-Fi should be completed by this fall. The latest reports also state that both seating bowls will be entirely replaced with chairback seats, with the goal of being ready for the 2024 football season.

What are your thoughts on the latest proposed Dome upgrades?