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Syracuse men’s basketball: digging up some Hoya Hate

Worried this rivalry has lost some steam, we’ll try and fuel the flames

Georgetown University Alonzo Mourning, 1989 Big East Tournament Final Set Number: X37966 TK4 R2

The rivalry between the Syracuse Orange and Georgetown Hoyas began before the start of the Big East Conference and lately a lot of people feel it’s lost some of what made it so special. Well even with a Boeheim or Thompson on the sideline, there is enough to make this game a bit more spirited than your typical non-conference foe....

Now, let the trash talk commence:

  • Georgetown pushed out the player who took them into the national spotlight. Sure he only won 75 games in six years, but where’s the loyalty?
  • When Jim Boeheim said “...they wouldn’t win 10 f@#!en games...” who knew he was talking about Georgetown’s last two seasons.
  • They were so desperate to try and be relevant that they hired another coach with ties to Providence hoping to capture the John Thompson magic once again. If Cooley doesn’t work out, get ready for the God Shammgod era.
  • Desperate enough to change their March Madness “success” that they overpaid a guy with a 3-7 NCAA Tournament record
  • How bad has it been for Georgetown? Poor Jeff Green can’t retire from the NBA until the Hoyas win a NCAA Tournament game. Jeff Green was 27 years old in this photo. He’s going to be the first NBA player to collect Social Security checks at this rate
Syracuse Orange v Georgetown Hoyas Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images
  • How do you know your program is in a bad spot? FOX schedules your game for 11:30 so that people won’t watch it.
  • The Hoyas have been so dreadful that the Wizards are ashamed to share a building with them.
  • In the 80s, people everywhere wanted to wear the Nikes that the Hoyas wore. These days, people everywhere want to return the Nikes that the Hoyas wear.
  • The program once feared for their defense is currently ranked 308th in defensive efficiency on KenPom. David Wingate could come out of the stands and defend better than any current Hoya
  • But hey, at least Georgetown is going to get featured in GTA 6 in the Dunk City Mission.