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Syracuse men’s basketball vs. Georgetown: Q&A with Casual Hoya

Rivalry renewed!

Syracuse Orangeman v Georgetown Hoyas Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange men’s basketball team (6-3) is heading down to the nation’s capitol this weekend for the program’s 99th matchup against the Georgetown Hoyas (5-3).

Of course, while this recently hasn’t the same Big East-type rivalry compared to decades ago, Saturday’s game adds another chapter into Orange versus Hoyas history — especially as both programs begin this year under new coaching.

Even with it being #HoyaHateWeek, we had to show our friend Andrew Geiger from Casual Hoya some love. We sent over some questions to get you ready for game day. Here’s that Q&A:

Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician: Let’s start off with the major offseason news in Georgetown hiring former Providence coach Ed Cooley as the next coach of the program. First, does it feel relieving to not have Patrick Ewing at the helm anymore?

Casual Hoya: Not relieved that the coaching career of the program’s favorite son ended the way it did, but certainly relieved in the sense that Georgetown will no longer be a dumpster fire!

TNIAAM: On that note, how have things been with Cooley so far? Georgetown fell to TCU on a heartbreaking buzzer-beater the other night, but what’s been the general vibe for the Hoyas up to this point?

CH: Cooley’s been perfectly fine thus far, saying the right things, doing what he needs to do to be visible on campus, doing all the rah-rah stuff. I wish the talent on the roster was better in Year One, but that’s coming in 2024 and the trajectory of the program is certainly on the rise. Good vibes in spite of what will inevitably be a poor win-loss record at the conclusion of the season.

TNIAAM: How did Georgetown fans react to the Jim Boeheim news? Does it feel weird not having a Syracuse-Georgetown game without him in the picture?

CH: To be honest I was kind of upset when I heard the news because I was hoping he’d stick around so Syracuse would suck for longer, but alas. It will certainly be odd to face off against the Orange without Magoo picking his nose on the bench, but I recall a few years ago he missed one as well due to the NCAA suspension for all of those pesky infractions committed under his watch.

TNIAAM: Who are the 2-3 standout players for Georgetown that Syracuse fans should keep their eye for this year’s game?

CH: We have like 5 dudes on the team that aren’t walk-ons, so I’ll roll with Jayden Epps, Dontrez Styles, and Jay Heath. Be afraid!

TNIAAM: What are some quick strengths and weaknesses for this year’s Georgetown team? How are the Hoyas going to exploit Syracuse?

CH: Despite a talent disadvantage against most teams that we will play this season, Cooley has been keeping Georgetown in games and the players are giving it 110% out there. Not sure there really are any strengths other than effort and that Epps can get hot and carry the team for stretches. Size is also a problem. Fun!

TNIAAM: One of the Orange’s most notable departures in the transfer portal this past offseason was Joe Girard. Who is the new Syracuse player that Georgetown fans hate with Girard now gone?

CH: Is Gerry McNamara still on the coaching staff? He’s certainly my top choice unless you hire Eric Devendorf in some capacity. Not really sure regarding your crop that actually plays, though, as always, someone will certainly catch our ire. Not sure what you guys are doing with Benny Williams, by the way. Is he good or not? (Ed. Note: We don’t know what we’re doing with him either)

TNIAAM: What were Georgetown fans honest opinion when news broke that Stanford, Cal and SMU were joining the ACC? And speaking of the ACC, have any quick thoughts on Florida State being left out of the top-4 by the College Football Playoff Committee?

CH: I literally just found out that Stanford, Cal and SMU were joining the ACC when I read your question. Conference realignment stinks, and frankly I blame Syracuse for all of it. As far as FSU goes, they were totally hosed. I feel bad for all of the kids on that roster who gave it their all, won every damn game they played only to have their Championship dreams dashed by a bunch of suits. Totally unfair. Should have been Michigan, Washington, Texas and FSU.

TNIAAM: The Syracuse and G-Town home-and-home was re-extended for up to and including this season. Although this isn’t the rivalry it once was, would you like to see the Orange versus the Hoyas again next year?

CH: With so much uncertainty these days it’s nice to have something to count on each year. The game certainly doesn’t register as much as it once did, but it’s still cool to play you clowns and hopefully we’ll both be good again soon so that the game will get more eyeballs.

TNIAAM: Who wins and by how much?

CH: This is a pesky group of Hoyas that defeated TCU but for that officiating negligence. I don’t think Syracuse is much better than TCU, so I’ll go with Georgetown 74 – Syracuse 68 in a tight battle throughout.

Huge thanks for Andrew for taking the time to answer our questions. Tip-off between Syracuse and Georgetown will be Saturday at 11:30 a.m. EST in the Capital One Arena.