Future of College Football Part 2

New NCAA proposal to allow schools to opt into separate division where schools can now pay NIL directly to athletes. This proposal is starting to get a fair amount of press, but if (when?) it comes to fruition it could blow up the power 5 five conferences into haves and have nots. Note that this proposal takes into account ALL sports that a school has, including male and female. At the 30K per year MINIMUM (not average) per athlete, it is expected to, at a minimum , cost a school $6M per year (expect the Alabamas, Georgias, etc. of the world's NIL budgets to be much higher). This could mean a vast restructuring of the college football landscape, with schools such as Syracuse on the outside looking in. It could also lead to a vast reduction in the number of non-money sports (in SU's case, read lacrosse, soccer, etc.), especially men's sports (apparently title nine figures into the equation).

Some version of this seems pretty inevitable, expect one or two mega-dollar conferences to emerge in the nest 3-4 years.