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TNIAAM Reacts: thoughts on the Syracuse football search

We might be close to a new hire

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s Syracuse Orange survey focused on the football program, especially this week’s head coaching change. Let’s get to the results.

Obviously this isn’t all Syracuse fans, but the decision by John Wildhack to move on from Dino was a popular one. Of course, the next step is replacing him with a better coach, or else the hot seat will shift higher.

The concern with any coaching change is players departing. Now the transfer portal and NIL make those concerns more valid. Fans think Syracuse should focus NIL efforts on retaining LeQuint Allen and Oronde Gadsden (should he not declare for the NFL Draft). Hard to argue that these players shouldn’t be the most important to retain.

80% of you want Wildhack to hire a coach with previous head coaching experience. As the coaching carousel heats up, it seems that’s Syracuse’s preference as well.

We can’t ignore today’s final home game. Most of you expect Syracuse to become bowl eligible and maybe play a game under a 3rd Head Coach in 2023.

Thanks to all who participate. Go Orange!