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Syracuse men’s basketball: Adrian Autry has “no comment” on Benny Williams after his second absence

Time to sound the Red alert.

Colgate v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

While the Syracuse Orange dropped game two of the Maui Invitational 76-57 to Gonzaga, those watching may have noticed one player who did not suit up for ‘Cuse.

Benny Williams, less than 24 hours after playing against Tennessee on Monday, remained on the bench for the duration Tuesday, wearing only warmup gear instead of his Orange script jersey.

Coach Autry was asked about Benny’s absence from the game, to which he simply said “no comment.”

Allstate Maui Invitiational - Day Two
Benny Williams (second from left) watches on during Syracuse’s loss to Gonzaga on Tuesday.
Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

It’s the second time this month that Williams is missing time - he was suspended for three games, including the first two of the regular season, for a violation of team rules. An SU spokesperson stated that Williams is not currently injured. We have not been informed of any details beyond that.

It’s also following a pattern of confidentiality that now-ex football head coach Dino Babers frequently employed during his time in Syracuse - one that distanced him from the fans who needed some reassurance that he was doing the right things for the program.

It’d be an unfair jump to make the same comparison with Red Autry in this early stage, so instead I’m writing this as a warning of sorts. I get not revealing every minute detail about your team, but without some transparency, you’re never going to build trust. Even if you just repeat the same generic “team rules” phrase as last time, it’s something defineable.

For both Orange fans out in Honolulu and those back home who will be staying up late to watch tonight’s 9:30 tip-off, the question of Benny’s status - both immediate and long-term with SU - will be at the forefront. We hope it doesn’t remain that way on the flight back to Syracuse.