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Syracuse men’s basketball: Welcome to “Clap and Sit” our first-basket tracker

Starting our own tradition

Canisius v Syracuse Photo by Bryan Bennett/Getty Images

Syracuse Orange fans went through a roller coaster of emotions when the SU Orange men’s basketball team faced Colgate on Tuesday. The Orange trailed by 24 early in the second half but stormed back for a 79-75 win, allowing their fans to breathe a sigh of relief.

But what about something Syracuse fans love (ed. note: Some fans love), no matter the outcome? I’m talking about the stand-and-clap tradition before each half at every home game. It’s a custom that dates back to the late 70s.

Throughout the season, we’ll analyze how long it takes Syracuse to score while its fans stand and clap, who makes the basket and how they do it. And what happens when that first Syracuse shot falls? The Orange crowd will “Clap and Sit” and so that’s what we’ll be tracking this season.

Here are the results after three games:

Opponent First Half Time to Score Who How Score Second Half Time to Score Who How Score
Opponent First Half Time to Score Who How Score Second Half Time to Score Who How Score
New Hampshire 10 seconds Naheem McLeod layup - assisted by Justin Taylor 2-0 Syracuse 1 min, 11 sec Justin Taylor layup 46-36 Syracuse
Canisius 22 seconds J.J. Starling and-1 layup - assisted by Taylor 2-0 SU 53 seconds J.J. Starling and-1 layup 43-32 SU
Colgate 17 seconds Chris Bell corner 3 - assist from Starling 3-0 SU 3 mins 54 sec Naheem McLeod putback layup 54-32 Colgate

The Orange have had no problem scoring the game’s opening point, converting on their first shot attempt in all three contests. It’s the exact opposite in the second half, where SU averages almost two minutes to make its first bucket.

Fans at the ‘Cuse-Colgate game were in for an extended clap to start the second half. Syracuse missed its first five shots, then a TV timeout sent disgruntled fans down into their seats. Many refused to stand once the game resumed, and about half continued the ritual until Naheem McLeod finally scored. It took eight minutes of real-time and nine shot attempts, setting the benchmark for this year’s longest stand-and-clap.

Player-wise, every opening-day starter made a first basket other than Judah Mintz. Five of those buckets came in the paint, highlighted by two and-1’s from J.J. Starling in a win against Canisius.

The Orange return to the JMA Wireless Dome on Nov. 28 against LSU. How long do you expect the fans to stand and clap?