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Game thread: Syracuse vs. St. Rose and Syracuse vs NC State

We start November with sports!

NCAA Basketball: ACC Tipoff Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Ok Syracuse Orange fans. Get those dual screens ready tonight!

First up is the ACC men’s soccer match-up between 6th seed Syracuse and 11th seed NC State. The game kicks off at 6:00 on ACCN as we watch and see if the Orange can repeat the magic of the 2022 post-season run. No matter what the conditions are tonight, we know Coach Mac will have his standard sweater/tie combination on the Syracuse sidelines.

Then at 7:00, turn a screen to the ACCNX for the Orange vs The College of St. Rose in the final men’s basketball exhibition game.

Update: why would we assume anything from Syracuse would be drama free

Has you get ready for tonight, feel free to browse our on-going player profiles for the men’s and women’s basketball rosters.

Will we see Judah Mintz tonight? Does JJ Starling play the full game again? What other things will you be looking for as Adrian Autry gets his squad ready to start the 23-24 season next Monday vs New Hampshire?