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Syracuse football: All-whites for the Orange on the road

The cleanest look you’ll see all year

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

When the Syracuse Orange take the field on Saturday afternoon, they’ll be going with the all-white road look.

It’s the first time we’ve seen this set in 2023 and the Orange went with the look on their last trip to North Carolina- when they faced Wake Forest.

UNC often calls their all-white look “The Stormtroopers” and let’s all admit that naming your uniform against a bunch of bad shooting soldiers isn’t a great one.

We’ve seen other schools say they are “Iced out” or “Icy white” and early internet users might be reminded of the legendary “Icy Hot Stuntaz“.

Syracuse should refer to this uniform set with a snow-related nickname. “Snow Squall” or “Lake Effect” would be appropriate.

Whatever name you want to give them, toss on “So Fresh So Clean” when Syracuse takes the field in these because this look is definitely cooler than Freddie Jackson.