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#FakeNunes previews Syracuse vs UNC

Taking the hardwood battle to the gridiron

Syracuse v North Carolina Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It’s Wednesday, so you know what that means... time for the blog that gives you the internet’s most ridiculous college football preview series- it’s #FakeNunes time. Can we keep finding ways to get #jokesandgarbage into a Syracuse Orange preview? You be the judge....

Now onto this week’s opponent

Opponent: North Carolina Tar Heels

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

Students: 20,029 students who remember stories their grandparents told them about Armando Bacot

The 2023 Fake Nunes Statistical Index (#FNSI)

We continue to look to innovate our analytics model so we here’s what the lab cooked up for this season.

Rivalry Trophy

The FNSI staff won’t give up on their quest to bring back more tradition into today’s college game. Let’s see what they’ve got for this one

The Typewriter

Two top journalism schools can battle for a relic of news reporting’s past. Want to make it a bit more personal, we can have the winner paint it in their school colors until the next meeting.

Further discoveries about the work of Stefan Heym? Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images
Further discoveries about the work of Stefan Heym? Photo by Hendrik Schmidt/picture alliance via Getty Images

The True North Difference

In order to maintain our status as #CanadasCollegeTeam, each week we look at which team has more Canadian players on their roster.

UNC has a punter from Australia and a punter from Ireland, which is great, but not what we’re ranking here. Another win for the Orange’s Damien Alford and Max Perricone in this one.

Advantage: Syracuse

Notable Alum

Bringing back this one as we love to drop, some knowledge every now and then to help our loyal readers possibly win a trivia night. After all we are the Syracuse blog that loves you back and we take that seriously.

Peter Gammons vs Jayson Stark

It’s October which means some of you give more of your sports bandwidth to baseball, so we’re featuring two legendary baseball journalists. While they are most closely associated with Boston (Gammons) and Philadelphia (Stark), they developed their reporting chops at these two schools. Since the Phillies are in the MLB Playoffs, we give the edge to Stark.

Advantage: Syracuse

Football Program Hashtag:

None vs #CarolinaFootball #UNCommon

You know what they say- if you have two hashtags, you have no hashtags.

Advantage: Push

The Official #FakeNunes Game Prediction

Two teams who have shown some offensive explosiveness in 2023. Drake Maye’s shown he’ll throw a pass left-handed, while Garrett Shrader’s shown he’ll throw his body into any opponent. Both offenses move the ball in the first half, but a second-half turnover halts the Orange momentum and allows some Maye Magic to keep the Heels undefeated.

Final Score: UNC 41, Syracuse 31