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Syracuse football: first down offense vs Virginia Tech

One good drive and not much else

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 26 Syracuse at Virginia Tech Photo by Brian Bishop/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange offense had an October that was as exciting as getting raisins on Halloween. As we head into the final month of the season, the bowl hopes can only be fulfilled if this group figures out how to move the ball.

This was the second game in a row where Syracuse got the ball first and had a sack on the opening play. Over the last three road games, the Orange gained one first down total on their opening possession and when they’ve gotten their second possession in the four losses, they’ve been trailing.

If they want to get back in the win column on Friday, Syracuse needs to take advantage of a Boston College defense which ranks 13th in the ACC in yards per play allowed (6.2 yards). The extra days of watching film will hopefully avoid another repeat of whatever this was in Blacksburg.

First down offense vs Virginia Tech 2023

Run or Pass- 1H Yards Run or Pass- 2H Yards
Run or Pass- 1H Yards Run or Pass- 2H Yards
Pass (Sack) -11 Pass (Sack) -5 safety
Run (Allen) -1 Pass (Alford) 18
Run (Allen) 4 Run (Allen) 14
Run (Allen) -1 Pass (Alford) 15
Pass (Alford) 22 Run (Allen) 9
Run (Shrader) 3 Run (Allen) -1
Run (Allen) 3 Pass (Incomplete) 0
Run (Allen) 4 Pass (Sack) -5
Run (Allen) 1 Pass (Sack) -12
Run (Shrader) 2
Run (Allen) 3
1st Half Plays Yards Avg yards per play
Run 9 18 2
Pass 2 11 5.5
Total 11 29 2.64
2nd Half Plays Yards Avg yards per play
Run 3 22 7.33
Pass 6 11 1.83
Total 9 33 3.67
Game Total Plays Yards Avg yards per play
Run 12 40 3.33
Pass 8 22 2.75
Total 20 62 3.1

This Syracuse team has done so much better when they get a couple of first downs and keep the defense off-balanced. Unfortunately, the last month has had a lot more penalties and mental errors then successful plays. You feel as though the Orange need someone to break a big play early to get the team (and Dome crowd) feeding off some positive energy for a change.

Will there be someone in that offensive huddle who can make it happen? We’ll see on Friday night.