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TNIAAM Reacts: Let’s see who was right about Syracuse football

Most of you were surprised by Thursday too

Syracuse v Virginia Tech Photo by Ryan Hunt/Getty Images

The Syracuse Orange football team won’t ruin your Saturday this week (and if they are, please seek some help), but we’re here to bring the results of our weekly fan survey.

Well this turned out to be very wrong and not very #nice at all. We’d be willing to bet that the confidence level next Friday will be significantly lower.

Once again it appears that there was a good bit of optimism in the Orange coming off the bye week. Pretty sure if we ask the record for the last four games, the response rate will be a lot different.

Thank god it’s hoops season right? Syracuse opened the exhibition season with a win and it seems many of you are drinking the Orange Kool-Aid or maybe it’s the Red Kool-Aid?

Men’s cross-country was 2nd, but they were likely the best chance at a fall title. Now hopes turn to Men’s Soccer and Field Hockey. Can they deliver in the post-season? Less than half of you are expecting it to happen.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Enjoy the weekend.