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Syracuse men’s basketball: Planning some Jim Boeheim Day activities

As always we have ideas

NCAA Basketball: Texas Southern at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange will honor Jim Boeheim during the 23-24 season by hosting “Jim Boeheim Day” when Syracuse plays the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on February 24th.

Boeheim had originally stated that he wasn’t going to attend games after seeing the attention Coach K drew at his first game as a fan at Duke. However, it’s great to see that the Hall of Fame Coach has agreed to this event so that Orange fans can express their gratitude to the legend.

As it was pointed out yesterday by commenter Orange&P, the dedication of Jim Boeheim Court happened on February 24, 2002, but let’s not repeat the outcome of that one shall we.

Now onto our thoughts about how Syracuse should celebrate Jim Boeheim Day:

  • Hand out rally towels or t-shirts with 1,116 wins. Make them unauthorized. Have students hand them out before fans enter the Dome. Tell the NCAA you’ll appoint an Independent Committee to get to bottom of these allegations.
  • Jacket Toss Contest obviously. Competitors will be judged not only on distance, but artistry as well.
  • Chicken parm specials at Dome Concessions.
  • Yell at a student reporter. (Note: It’s going to cost you money to yell at anyone from the TNIAAM staff)
  • Jim Boeheim Masks for all fans. Good luck shooting into a sea of these faces.
  • Catering from Denny’s in the backcourt
  • Whining booth featuring a Jim Burr cutout where you can complain about all the calls that went against Syracuse in Boeheim’s tenure.
Marquette v Syracuse Photo by Marc Squire/Getty Images

What ideas would you have to celebrate?