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Syracuse football: three takeaways from the loss to Florida State

It could have been much worse

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange head into the bye week after the expected three-game losing streak was fulfilled despite a solid effort from the defense in Tallahassee today.

Let’s look at three takeaways from the 41-3 loss to the Florida State Seminoles.

Dino’s Dubious Decision-Making

The Syracuse offense actually put together a couple of decent drives, but Dino eschewed aggression for the conservative calls and once again it failed. Trailing 24-3 in the third quarter, you have to take a shot at getting into the end zone, but Dino played the numbers. To make it worse, Syracuse didn’t make the decision in time, didn’t call time-out and then badly missed the kick.

Look it didn’t matter in the final score, but you have to give your team a chance to try and convert. He also punted in the 4th on the other side of the 50 and a tired defense gave up a long, quick touchdown drive anyway. There are times to be conservative but today wasn’t it. Of all the complaints about Dino’s tenure, in-game management remains a major problem.

The Mob deserved better

Speaking of the Orange defense, they deserve much better than the final score. Yes, they missed opportunities to stop two red zone drives when they didn’t recover a fumble or intercept a tipped pass, but they held up against the Seminoles offense in difficult situations.

The final score won’t show it, but it could have been worse earlier and if there’s still hope for this Syracuse season to end with 8 wins, it’s because of what we’ve seen on defense.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

Shrader struggles

It’s been said all year that the Orange would go as far as QB1 could carry them. Today he couldn’t get anything going in the air or on the ground. With LeQuint Allen finding success on the ground, there were some better chances for Syracuse to move the ball but Shrader couldn’t find room to run or connect with his wide receivers, especially in key situations.

He finished 9-21 for 99 yards through the air and 7 carries for -10 yards. The offensive line struggled. The wide receiver struggled. Syracuse can’t have a struggling Shrader on top of that. The bright side is LeQuint Allen found room to run and coming up after the bye are the teams that rank at the bottom of the conference in run defense.

Maybe this was one reason for today’s struggles

Either way he’s going to have get better when Syracuse is back on the field at Virginia Tech.