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Syracuse women’s soccer: Shea Vanderbosch has excelled in goal

The sophomore is already in the top 10 for career saves

Syndication: Wilmington News Journal William Bretzger-Wilmington News Journal / USA TODAY NETWORK

This fall, Syracuse Orange Women’s soccer goalie Shea Vanderbosch is leading in the ACC with 97 saves, which ranks as the fifth highest season total in school history. Vanderbosch is within striking distance of climbing even higher on the list, needing eight more saves to move up to second behind Katie Karlander’s 2000 total of 138.

Vanderbosch’s career total of 163 saves is 9th on the Syracuse career list and she hasn’t even finished her 2nd full season for the Orange.

Shea continues to save the day. During Syracuse’s match against Wake Forest, Shea played a crucial role in securing the tie by making several important saves. In total, she finished with 12 saves and made two important ones within just 10 minutes left on the clock.

Against Louisville last weekend, she made 10 saves, reaching double-digit saves for the third time in the last five Syracuse games.

As the goalkeeper, Shea holds a key position that involves a lot of pressure especially since she is the last line of defense between a striker and the goal. Being the goalie puts Shea in a key position, but it also comes with a lot of pressure especially since she is the last line of defense between a striker and the goal.

“In the ACC every game is big, I feel like to me it’s important to be by myself and imagine the saves I’ll make before the game.”

Shea expressed the importance of communicating with her defenders. With a view of the whole field, she is able to watch their backs. Shea leans on her team for support especially with the number of shots taken on the goal. Despite the number of shots taken on the goal, Shea leans on her team for support.

“There would be way more if it wasn’t for my team but I feel it’s important to stay in the game”

This season, Shea has set three goals: to secure a spot on the All ACC team again, lead the ACC in saves, and be the best teammate she can be. She has already accomplished one of them. As of now, Shea is continuing to keep her body healthy and finish the season strong.