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Game thread: Syracuse vs Virginia Tech

It’s like the Royal Rumble but different

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange (13-8, 6-4) men’s basketball team is back on the road home to face the Virginia Tech Hokies (12-8, 2-7) at 7:00 on the ACC Network.

Like the Royal Rumble, the winner stays alive for a title shot in early April while the loser will have to battle through the February Elimination Chamber to distance themselves from the others looking to make the Big Dance.

Tonight will be all about finding ways to survive all obstacles to be the last one standing. Can the Orange toss the Hokies over the top rope to the floor or will they let them hold on and make the comeback?

To get you ready check out our previews:

As always, leave your in- and post-game comments below and tell us who you’ve got in tonight’s Royal Rumbles. Go Orange!