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TNIAAM asks: What would you like to see covered in 2023?

Taking some suggestions on what Syracuse stories are of interest:

Michael Ostrowski

It’s a little hard to believe that my first year writing for NunesMagician is already over.

OK, technically it’s only been 11 months since my first article was published, but it’s still crazy to consider how much has happened since Kevin brought me on board.

I’ve had the opportunity to report on football and men’s basketball games, interview members of the FB squad on a weekly basis, cover the ongoing Dome renovations and new naming rights, highlight lesser-known SU sports like softball and ice hockey, and get inducted into the TNIAAM “Syracuse is a Fútbol School” Academy just in time to see a National Championship.

Not a bad year at all.

Still, there’s plenty more that I hope to accomplish in what should be another intriguing year for Syracuse Athletics. Which is why I’d like some input from my readers.

What Syracuse Orange stories would you like to see in 2023? More profile pieces? Comparisons of ‘Cuse facilities to the competition? Historical content? Something else?

And of course, I will watch these gents raise their well-deserved Championship banner in the fall.

I have a few projects underway that will start coming out this month. Meanwhile, we’re always open to suggestions. Please comment what you’re interested in!